125mm Sunpower back-contact Mono solar cells

125*125mm N type back-contact Sunpower Mono solar cells

125*125mm N type back-contact Sunpower C60 Mono solar cells

Features of Sunpower Solar Cell:

Sunpower Maxeon solar cell is the most efficient monocrystalline cells currently in the world. 

  • Highest Efficiency and Reliable: Unique back contacts producing technology —The positive and negative are designed on the back side of solar cell,providing high efficiency, even if the fragment, the rest part  can still output power.

  • Best Choice for Your High Requirement:Suitable for some high-tech products which need high efficiency solar cell in limited space.

Physical characteristic of Sunpower solar cell:

Material : Mono crystalline Silicon
Construction : All-back contact
Dimensions : 125 mm x 125 mm (nominal)
Thickness : 165 μm ± 40 μm
Diameter : 160 mm (Nominal)
Stress/cracking: Resistance to stress / cracking and should work even after damage. Cells should able to mount on a curved surface.


Efficiency code218022102230225022702290231023302350
Voc (V)0.6820.6840.6860.6870.6890.6910.6920.6940.695
Isc (A)


 *Data under standard testing conditional (STC):1,000w/m2,AM1.5, 25°C , Pmax:Positive power tolerance