SAJ All-in-One Three Phase Solar Energy Battery System

HS2 series is a competitive all-in-one inverter for the new installation of energy storage systems. The inverter is integrated with a 5.0kWh lithium battery, and the battery capacity can be expanded up to 25.0kWh. It is featured high performance with 150% PV side oversizing and AC 110% overloading, supporting battery fast charging and discharging. HS2 has adopted a max. 16A string current, allowing it to better match high-power PV modules in the market; multiple modes of use, enhancing the flexibility of energy management. It supports AFCI, UPS, and RSD functions to provide a safer, smarter, and more reliable energy storage experience for end-users.

SAJ All-in-One Solar Energy Battery System 5KWH 10KWH 15KWH 20KWH 25KWH


SAJ is one of famous inverter&solar energy battery brand in the world, we Topsky have built deep and long term partnership with Sanjing Electronic, aims to bring our customer more smart, efficient and professional product, and make our lives better,happier and healthier. 

Main Features:

AC retrofit &easy installation

Max 16A input current to better match high power panel

Modular design and expandable up to 25.0kWh

With UPS function switch time ≤ 10ms

AFCI integrated(optional) 

RSD supported(optional)



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