SAJ H2 series 5KW~10KW 3 phase Solar Hybrid Inverter

H2 series is the high-voltage hybrid inverter for new residential installations, optimizing users’ energy storage experience. Its power output ranges from 3-10kW. With enhanced safety settings, high performance, H2 series provides 3 different smart modes of use, helping users to maximize their self-consumption and reduce their dependence on the grid. It also supports 24H load monitoring & zero export solutions for smart energy management.

SAJ H2 series 5KW~10KW 3 phase Solar Hybrid Inverter

SAJ is one of famous inverter&solar energy battery brand in the world, we Topsky have built deep and long term partnership with Sanjing Electronic, aims to bring our customer more smart, efficient and professional product, and make our lives better,happier and healthier. 

Main Features:

Easy setting of smart working modes

DC 15A/ string matched with ultra high PV modules

150% DC oversizing, 110% AC overloading

Battery fast charging/ discharging supported

Supported 100%three phase voltage imbalance

With UPS function switch time ≤ 10ms

AFCI function optional



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