Light weight flexible ETFE Solar panel 100W 170W 300W

Light weight flexible ETFE Solar panel 100W 170W 300W

Light weight flexible ETFE Solar panel 100W 170W 300W


Surface:ETFE Material



Ultra-light: weighs as 60% less than conventi-onal PV panels.

Flexible: The bendable product characteristicsmake it more fitwheninstalled onall kinds of curved surfaces.

Easy Installation:Canreduceinstallationcostby up to 50% through the use of re-engineered components, ease of handling and faster install-ation.

Transportation: low weight, will very significantly reduce the cost of transportation.

Durable:The useofmulti-layernanopolymer film materials enables the product to have better solar cell protection, longer service life, and greatly reduce power loss caused by external shocks.

Advanced polymers have good performance and long life

1.Excellent optical properties, high and low temp-erature resistance, high structural strength, resi-stance to chemical corrosion. 2.Using advanced polymer materials, nearly 60% lighter than traditional solar panels, but much more longer service life, and also easily for tr-ansportation & installation".



Maximum Power Pmax/W:             100       170      300

Operating Voltage Vmpp/V:           18.0     18.0      30.0

Operating Current Impp/A:             5.55     9.44      10.0

Open-Circuit Voltage Voc/V:          21.24    21.24    35.4

Short-Circuit Current Isc/A:            6.11     10.38    11.0

Module Efficiency (%):                   15.6      16.4     17.6

Power Tolerance: 0-+3% 

Noct: 45±2℃

* STC: 1000w/㎡,25℃,AM 1.5

Application: Flexible solar panel could easily be applicated into solar boat, yachit, travel car, parking site, even some steel tile roof could not bear heavy traditional solar panels.