Bifacial double glass 300W solar panel/solar module

Power:300M Tile Size:1640x992x35 Millimeter Weight:23 Kilogram

Bifacial double glass 300W solar panel/solar module

Power:300M Tile

Size:1640x992x35 Millimeter

Weight:23 Kilogram

Product feature

solar panel Model: TN60M


Highest  power output:300W

Material & workmanship warranty:10 years

Certified by TUV Rheinland:PID Free; 

Linear power output warranty:25 years

1 Positive power tolerance: 0-+3% 

2 Robust design:Certified to withstand up to 2400 Pa wind load and up to 5400  Pa snow load

3 Proved high reliability built on dozens of projects

4 Four busbar cell: Improve the efficiency of modules


a) During the first year, TOPSKY ENERGY guarantees the nominal power output of the product will be no less than 97% of the labeled power output;

b) From year 2 to year 24, the nominal power decline will be no more than 0.7% in each year; by the end of year 25, the nominal power output will be no less than 80% of the labeled power output;


Model: TN60M

Maximum Power Pmax/W:         310     315     330   

Operating Voltage Vmpp/V:      32.6     32.8     33

Operating Current Impp/A:        9.52     9.61     9.7  

Open-Circuit Voltage Voc/V:      40.1     40.2     40.4   

Short-Circuit Current Isc/A:       9.87     9.95     10.03  

Module Efficiency ηm %:          19.09     19.4     19.71

Power Tolerance: 0-+3% 

Temperature Coefficient: 

Pmax:  -0.39%/℃,Voc: -0.30%/℃,Isc: +0.05%/℃ 

Noct: 45±2℃

* STC: 1000w/㎡,25℃,AM 1.5


Cell Type:  Mono Crystalline

Cell Dimensions:   156.75*156.75mm(6inch)

Cell Arrangement:   60(6*10)

Weight:   18.3kg

Module Dimensions:  1640*992*35mm(64.6*39.0*1.4inch)

Cable Length:   900mm(35.4inch)

Cable Cross Section Size:   4mm²(

Front Glass:   3.2mm High Transmission, Tempered Glass

No.of  Bypass Diodes:   3/6

Packing Configeration (1):   30pcs/Pallet, 840pcs/40hq

Packing Configeration (2):   30pcs+5pcs/Pallet, 910pcs/40hq

Frame:   Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction Box:   IP65/IP67


Maximum System Voltage:1000V/DC(IEC)

Operating Temp: -40℃-+85℃

Maximum Series Fuse: 15A

Static Loading: 5400Pa

Conductivity at Ground: ≤ 0.1Ω

Safety Class: Ⅱ

Resistance: ≥100MΩ

Connector:MC4 Compatible