2BB Monocrystalline Solar Cell

Power: 3.01W Tile Size: 125x125±0.5 Millimeter Weight: Kilogram

2BB Monocrystalline Solar Cell

Power:3.01W Tile

Size:125x125±0.5 Millimeter

Weight: Kilogram

Product feature

2BB Monocrystalline Solar Cell

1. High efficiency and High power.

2. Long-term electrical stability.

3. Lowest price and Fastest delivery.

4. Good quality and good service.

5. Bulk supply

6. Good Warranty

7. Big Sale

8. Made in Taiwan/Germany etc for high quality

9. More than 35 years on the lifetime.

10. No anti-dumping tax.


2BB Monocrystalline Solar Cell Specifications:

6" Poly-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell (3bus bars, Alkaline )


Dimension 125mm*125mm+0.5mm

Thickness wafer(si):200um+30um


Front(-) Three 1.5mm wide bus bars (silver) with distance 52mm,

alkaline textureized surface with dark blue silicon nitride AR coating. 

Back(+) 3.0mm wide silver/aluminum soldering pads, aluminum back surface field.